Stronger Brand Ecosystems for Every Small Business

MarTech Panda is a product of UrVeeda LLC. At MarTech Panda, we’re passionate about fortifying the bond between brands and customers within the brand ecosystem. Through our tools, we transform the brand-customer touchpoint, ensuring that every interaction is memorable and meaningful.


Businesses are powered by this brand ecosystem technology.


Customer satisfaction rate with what we bring to their businesses.


Successful brand campaigns executed every month.


Faster brand growth reported by businesses using MarTech Panda.

A small business whose brand ecosystems are powered by MarTech Panda.

Our Commitment to Small Businesses

We believe every small business – be it contractors, mom-and-pops, or emerging startups – deserves to invest in strengthening their brand ecosystems. With MarTech Panda, this investment isn’t just feasible; it’s imperative for growth.

Simplified Pricing, Comprehensive Features

Instead of juggling multiple tools and subscriptions, we offer everything under one monthly fee. Whether it’s a CRM, Calendar, Landing Page Builder, or Reputation Management, we’ve got you covered. And remember, you’ll only pay for the actual texts, emails, or other services you use.

One Rate, Multiple Advantages

Imagine having all your tools at one consistent rate, plus usage fees. No tiered pricing that gates features. Just one rate for all your employees, contacts, and features – both now and in the future. Additional location? $79/month/each

Beyond Personalization

We don't just stop at features sought after by marketing departments. Our platform empowers every department to seamlessly build and nurture their brand ecosystem.

Ecosystem Brand Promise

With MarTech Panda, you're not just getting a tool; you're buying into a promise. A promise that encapsulates our mission: to let small businesses work more efficiently, scale intelligently, and dream without limits.

It All Clicks with MarTech Panda

The magic moment when you realize how MarTech Panda can elevate your business is transformative. By centralizing your brand and customer data, you're not just creating a brand ecosystem; you're ensuring consistent, on-brand experiences that scale.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Our clients say it best. Dive into their experiences and see how we’ve transformed their brand ecosystems.

Since integrating MarTech Panda, our business has seen tremendous growth. The tools provided allowed us to build a robust brand ecosystem that resonates with our clients.

Jordan Smith
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