Your Brand's Growth Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

Tailored for Your Business Needs at All-Inclusive Pricing

At MarTech Panda, we understand the essence of value. That’s why we offer all our game-changing features designed for brand ecosystem building in one clear package. No surprises. No hidden costs. Just straightforward value.

Partner with a Certified MarTech Panda Agency for turnkey marketing solutions.

Our pricing is as straightforward as our platform is powerful. Dive deep into the world of brand ecosystem building without getting bogged down by a confusing pricing structure. From the solo entrepreneur to a bustling small business, every user gets unrestricted access to our suite of features, ensuring every touchpoint in the customer journey is catered for.

Annual (Save 2 Months)
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Branding Panda Plan

Standard Plan with Everything Included
for Unlimited Users
HIPAA-compliant marketing software by MarTech Panda

HIPAA Panda Plan

Branding Panda Plan + HIPAA Compliance
for Unlimited Users (+$990/Year)

Feedback from the MarTech Panda community has led us to keep a flat fee for unlimited users allowing each company to be responsible for their own usage fees for emails, calls, text messages, and workflow automations so that you’re not paying for more than you need.

Additional locations are $790/year each. To add a location to your account, please contact Support so we can learn more about your use case to better guide you whether additional licenses are necessary.

Why MarTech Panda
Stands Out

Unlike other platforms that restrict features based on pricing tiers, with MarTech Panda, you get full access, always. This transparency reflects our belief in genuine value and our commitment to seeing your brand grow. 

Our single package offer allows you to focus on what truly matters – building your brand’s ecosystem without the shackles of feature limitations.

HIPAA Compliance -
Extra Security

For businesses needing HIPAA compliance, our platform caters to your needs seamlessly. It’s the same great MarTech Panda experience, tailored for sensitive data handling.

Join the Revolution in Brand Ecosystem Building

MarTech Panda isn’t just a tool; it’s a partner in your brand’s journey. And as with any journey, it’s better when taken together. Become a part of our growing family and let’s create remarkable brand stories.

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