martech panda x accessiBe:
A Partnership for Web Inclusion

Achieve Web Excellence with Accessible Panda

MarTech Panda, in a groundbreaking partnership with accessiBe, introduces Accessible Panda, your ultimate solution for ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant website accessibility.

Why Choose Accessible Panda?

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Innovative AI

Harness and fully utilize the power of accessiBe's accessWidget, guaranteeing universal website accessibility.

24/7 Monitoring

Benefit from 24/7 automated maintenance scans and monthly compliance audits, ensuring up-to-date content accessibility.

Expand Your Reach

Open doors to over a billion individuals from the global disability community, expanding your brand’s reach and inclusivity.

Stay Legally Protected

Aligning with global web standards, our solution minimizes your brand ecosystem's risk of legal complications.

Foster Inclusivity

Unlock ADA Tax Credit

With Accessible Panda, enjoy the dual benefits of stellar website accessibility and valuable ADA tax credits. The U.S. government rewards businesses that champion accessibility, offering significant tax credits.


Have an annual revenue under $1,000,000.


Employ 30 or fewer full-time employees.


Easily fill out the IRS Form 8826 and include it in your yearly tax return. For a detailed walkthrough, visit this AccessiBe Blog.

The Pinnacle of Website Accessibility

Step into the future of inclusive web design with Accessible Panda. Offering unmatched user experiences and the bonus of ADA tax credit savings, our solution is tailored for the forward-thinking brand.

Dive Deeper Into Our Alliance
amplify your website's accessibility standards with Accessible Panda.

Voices of Leadership

MarTech Panda & accessiBe: Revolutionizing Web Accessibility
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